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Self Improvement

We Tell You How to Be Lucky With Nothing But Your Perseverance

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Finding luck is not as easy as seeing a shiny penny on the road or opening a fortune cookie. The entire world, our lives, are connected in such a way that one small decision can change your entire life. It’s like the phrase―what you reap is what you sow. In order to gain good luck, you need to be the one to make the first move. We all experience good and bad phases in our lives, but that shouldn’t be the reason of bad luck, or cursing yourself, life, or even god. You can’t just wish for something, and hope it’ll come true for you. People who have become successful in their lives have worked hard, kept a positive attitude towards life and people in general, and didn’t get envious about what others have.
Attract Good Luck
There are many stages in life a person may be looking for a little bit of luck such as school, work, relationship, and life in general. Hence, as we approach this subject, it may seem slight vague to some of you.
Believe in Yourself
Approaching any of life’s conquests with open hands and mind brings good luck your way. Why? Because of positive thinking. Never be scared of handling anything and don’t get scared of failing as well. When you have this attitude in life, you won’t be disappointed with yourself or with the results, no matter what they are. If you don’t think too much about the results, and try to face any situation with courage, believing that you have the ability to emerge as a winner, then nothing can break you down.
Expect It
Expectation is a good thing and confidence is the key. Always expect that good things will occur in your life. If you make yourself believe that you have given your best in all walks of life, good things will happen to you, and you can see that attracting luck is an easy accomplishment. You should always give your best in life, work, and school, and expect the best results, guess what, you will be lucky.
Try Something New in Life
If you keep doing the same things time and again, do you think you’ll get different results? It’s a long shot, and more often than not, it ends up disappointing us. You need to try new things from time to time; it’s a way of personal development. Life is really short and you can’t be stuck in one place, and keep doing the same things or keep living the same life. So the advice here is, try new things; indulge in something you’ve never done before or are scared of. Enter a singing contest, join a culinary school, or learn how to dance. Say yes to different opportunities in life and see how these various facets bring you closer to another life which has more encounters for adding luck in your life.
Give Luck in Order to Gain Luck
Every religion teaches us that we have to be good to others first and then people will be good to us. The same analogy works here as well. How can we expect to bring good luck in our lives when we haven’t given anything in return. But “giving” doesn’t mean materialistic things. Here it means, to be honest with everyone, don’t think people are inferior or superior to you, avoid being jealous or envious about what others have or have accomplished, and show your compassion to everyone. If you give someone as small as a smile, you’ll get a bigger one back.
There are no magic tricks or potions to bring luck in your life. It’s how you handle it (life), that’s what makes it all work. You got to trust yourself, your intuitions, and be a rational thinker. It’s like what Hemingway once said, You make your own luck…, and that’s how life keeps moving forward.

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