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We Encourage You: How to Overcome Your Childhood Insecurities?

How to Overcome Your Childhood Insecurities

Almost every one of us has had to deal with one or the other kind of insecurities at some point of time in life. These feelings can take root very early in life, due to some instances that you may have encountered during the formative years. Childhood is a very vulnerable phase; the mind of a child is still developing and doesn’t have all its defense mechanisms in place. It is this time where certain circumstances can leave a lasting impression on the psyche.
A feeling of insecurity can originate from various contributing factors like childhood trauma, lack of love, negligence, emotionally distant parents, peer pressure, etc. These circumstances make you feel insecure and low in self-worth and emotionally, can have a devastating outcome. If you feel that you are a victim of what happened in the past and want to know how to grow out of childhood insecurities, then read through the following paragraphs.
Dealing with Childhood Insecurities
Feeling extremely insecure and unsure of things, almost all the time, can emotionally drain you and make you lose interest in whatever you do. The basic precept to conquer the feeling of insecurity is, to recognize and find its root cause. Making yourself face and solve it, is the key to deal with the matter. Once you are aware of the problem, then you can go ahead and sort out the issue. Childhood fears can stem from incidents like unhealthy comparisons between siblings, being bullied by classmates, physical, emotional or sexual abuse and a feeling of low self-esteem, etc. These incidents can create a huge impact on the child and make him withdraw into his shell. To conquer the mental blocks that arise because of these issues, it is essential to identify and deal, first, with the signs of insecurity and get rid of them, at the earliest.
Here are some steps on how to overcome your childhood insecurities, and prevent them from messing up your life.

  • The first and foremost thing needed for dealing with the feeling of insecurity, is to get to its root cause. There can be many triggers, which may have caused this feeling to take root in you. For this, you may have to analyze your childhood days, to find the exact reason. This will help in dealing with the problem, in an easier manner.
  • The next step, is to confront the problem areas. At times, you may be unaware why you have this sense of insecurity. Confrontation always helps solve a number of issues by identifying the causes behind them, which in turn, can be worked on to find answers to them. When you actually analyze and get to the bull’s eye of the matter in hand, you may find that it was easier to sort out the issue, rather than face the brunt of its consequences.
  • Chalk out an action plan, to help you fix the problem. Reason out, why the childhood concerns seem baseless and how they can be overcome. Maintain a journal to write down the attributes, which may help you in fighting these demons, as the stepping stones in the concrete course of action. Implement and believe that you can change the way you perceive things. You can also follow some paradigms to help boost your self-belief and confidence.
  • Positive reinforcement is an encouraging factor, when it comes to dealing with childhood worries. Focus on the positive vistas of life, rather than concentrating on the negative. Surround yourself with positive aspects and people, who will help you forget the negativity from your past and help you stay away from stressful situations.
  • Flush out the negativity from your life and work towards imbibing a sense of confidence. Boost your morale, by setting new challenges and overcoming the hurdles. Having a positive outlook about life makes a world of change especially, when it comes to dealing with childhood insecurities. Since, it is not possible to go back in time and change the incidents which caused your perspective to distort, you can at least work towards reducing their impact on your future.
  • In the end, it’s YOUR life and you are the one who should be in control of it. Rather than letting someone from your past, influence what or who you should be, show your individuality and confidence. The past cannot be changed, but why ruin the present because of it? It’s time, you overcome negative feelings in your life and embrace the future with gusto.
These were some measures by which you can overcome your insecurities. Though challenging as it may seem to be, with the help of professional guidance and sheer determination, you can confront these demons successfully.

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