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Tough Times Hitting Hard? How to Stay Optimistic

How to Stay Optimistic During Tough Times

quote about optimism by jimmy dean
I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
– Jimmy Dean
There are times when nothing seems to work our way. Everything seems to work against what we want to do, and it seems as though the entire universe is conspiring against us. One by one, everything we treasure and love seems to walk away from us. At such times, giving up seems, not the best, but the easiest option. Giving up will not only be shameful given the strength you possess, but will also take away all the chances and opportunities you might get by keeping at it. To keep at it, you just need one quality – optimism. A person can either be sad for what he doesn’t have or he can be happy for what he has. It is after all, an individual choice.
How You Can Stay Optimistic During Tough Times
how you can stay optimistic during tough times
Being optimistic doesn’t mean that you just have to be happy and wait for things to work out your way. Nor does it mean waiting for things, situations and people to change. Optimism means believing you can make things happen, even when circumstances are at war with you.You have to continuously take sincere efforts, until you see the results you’ve waited for.
Why You Need to Be Optimistic
why you need to be optimistic during tough times
Understand the situations that you might be able to change if you remain optimistic. Think about the possibilities of good coming your way if you remain optimistic through these tough times. There must be some reason that people say you should be optimistic. Try to find out that reason. Talk to others. Finding out and understanding the reason, will give you reasons to stay optimistic. Once you believe that being optimistic is only going to do you good, you will consciously make an effort.
Believe that You Can Build Your Future
Tough times usually put down our morale and tell us that more bad awaits us in the future. Tough times also tell us that things aren’t going to get better anymore. At such times, you need to believe in yourself. Belief makes you mentally strong and a confident person.
believe that you can build your future
Belief, teaches you how to stay optimistic about life. This is an important part in building up optimism. Tell yourself that you can change the wrong to right, and the bad to good. Don’t judge your capability but try to add to it. You can build your future the way you want to, and if it does go wrong, you always have the time to make it right.
Look for Sense of Achievement
look for sense of achievement
When we achieve something, we know we can do it again. This sense of achievement tells us that we are capable of doing things. It shows us our ability to do something. It brings out the good in us. Do things you are good at, even if it is something as simple as playing a game you excel at. Look for things that make you happy, things where you can never go wrong, things that you have always done the right way and have mastered over a period of time. These might include hobbies.
What You Have and Can Have
List out things that you treasure, that are extremely close to your heart. These might include people, like your family members. Also make a list of things that you have achieved. Whenever you feel situations and circumstances aren’t being fair to you, read through this list. Is it worth giving up? This list will tell you how you have lived your life throughout these years. With so many reasons in your life to make you happy, why let one bad phase affect you so much?
Look for Inspiration
optimistic during tough times
One of the best ways is to search for inspiration. All of us get inspired by different things and people. Inspiration can work wonders and change your thoughts in a minute. Read stories of people who have been through worse and have come back as stronger individuals. There are books on such stories in all libraries. When you know someone else has been through similar situations, and has stayed there and surfaced again, the intensity of these tough times on your life will certainly reduce.
Optimism is a change we all need as humans, to make the most of our lives. They say, you should live in every moment, and this can be done only in the company of optimism. Patience, faith and determination, work for those who work at them. If nothing else, believe in Karma. Or simply change your perspective, instead of debating on whether the glass is half full or half empty, consider it half full with water and half with air.

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