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Things to Do Lists – Online Printable PDF Templates Only for You

Things to Do Lists - Online Printable PDF Templates

“Sorry Mam, I forgot to do my homework” or “Oh god! I missed an important appointment!” – For all those who tend to forget their task list or for people who wish to work on time, here is a set of ready to print to-do list templates.

New!Online Things to-do List Generator – Customized Printable Sheets

Right from our childhood we are taught to be punctual, sincere and work hard in whatever tasks we do. We all, quite often, do face such incidents, where we just forget even our daily chores. May it be our ironing the dress to completing the assignments. For business personals, maintaining their daily task lists always help to get synch in their set time schedule.

I am just another one, who seldom forgets my list of daily things to do. Just recently, I decided to overcome my bad habit of forgetting things. To do things on time, I designed few simple to use, ready to print templates for managing my daily task lists. Its now almost a month and surprisingly its working great for me.

Here I share few of the best templates that I use for myself, and those that have been keeping me right on my daily schedule.

  • Things To Do List Printable PDF Templates
  • Daily Task List Templates

Just to give more details about what the set of templates comprise, I am listing out the type of templates that you can find in this pdf file available for download. The above pdf file holds the following 3 templates.

Daily Things to Do Template (with monthly performance scale)

This template will help you set your focus on the daily chores that you should perform. The template allows you to add your list of daily things to remember. In addition to this, the template has a monthly performance scale wherein the user can keep a track of how many times he did all of his assigned tasks for each day. The intention for providing such scale is to keep improving on the punctuality and sincerity towards your personal or business goals.

15 Things to Remember Template

This is a basic template for children or individuals, who just need to have a ready to use to-do list which one can print, and use as and when required. The template also provides the user an option to comment and mark out on the overall outcome of his daily schedule.

Time Scheduled Task List with Remarks

I guess this ready to print template can be quite handy to busy business personals, who wish to schedule their daily tasks and work accordingly. This template provides a facility of setting up the time schedule for their business meetings, presentations or client visits. User can also add a personalized comment to each completed/uncompleted task in his list.

Online Things to-do List Generator

You can always go through the printable PDF templates for the things to-do list, which I had provided above during the first edition of this article. But here I am with something new and interesting. I hope this one will prove more helpful for each one of you – be it a kid, parents, business minds or working moms. This new online tool will help you create customized printable templates for your needs. Depending on the number of tasks you wish to add, remember and perform; you can generate your own things to-do list on the fly.

Just select the number of tasks you wish to have on your list and this Online To-do List Generator will generate a printable template for you. Yes! The output template pops up in new window, where you can edit the list, along with the date/time schedule, if necessary. This template provides the “Print” button at the bottom of the table, making it absolutely free ready-to-print template! I hope this can help you organize your tasks better.

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All the above to-do list templates are easy to print and use. These templates have been specifically kept simple considering its use for different age groups. Do let me know your suggestions and requirements to improve and update my list of printable task list templates.

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