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These are the 11 Things Most People Realize After Turning 30

11 Things Most People Realize After Turning 30

Change is Inevitable
By the age of 30, you’ve probably changed your style, houses, cities, friends, jobs, and even career stream. You’ve made peace with the fact that change is synonymous to life, and secretly find solace in stability. You’ve begun to see the bigger picture, and consider things in advance.
Things That Matter
Three decades of mistakes has taught you that happiness does not come with a price tag. No amount of gadgets, take-out food, and/or social media can ever replace the warmth and comfort of a good home-cooked meal with your loved ones. You also probably must have realized by now that savings and good insurance schemes should be a priority.
After turning the big 30, you must have learned that running behind success is like a wild goose chase; it is limitless, the more you get the more you wish to achieve. A job is no longer an option but a necessity. However, it no longer ends at paying bills or preparing for the future. In case you haven’t noticed, company matters, and hanging-out with successful people makes you better at your game.
Crossing 30 has taught you about the fine line between work and home. You’ve probably also realized that money will come and go, but moments with loved ones, especially with your children, can neither be bought nor be brought back.
Relations Matter
Life too has begun to settle down – in more ways than one – by the time you’ve turned thirty. Uncomfortable situations and people are not as unbearable as before. Life and age has taught you to look at life with a different perspective.
Not Everyone Needs to Like You
You’ve started getting more comfortable under your skin, and no longer feel the need to please everyone around you. You’re also okay with everyone not doting over you, or even liking you.
Life Lessons
Foolish mistakes made over three decades has taught you that doubt kills everything it touches, especially relationships. Patience, which was not one of your virtues, is something you practice in every aspect of life.
Deeper Life Lessons
In the past 30 years or so you’ve realized to make the most of the present, and at the same time just being in the moment and doing nothing but bearing witness to life. Experiences have shown you that you alone are responsible for your actions and fate. Pain and suffering are two different things; pain nudges us to make a change, while suffering is self-inflicted.
Past is Past
Experiences, mistakes, and people have taught, nay, trained you to let go. Looking back upon the thirty years or so of your life, you can almost see a pattern which has led you to be the person you are. Hopefully, you’ve also learned to forgive – if not forget – others, but most importantly, yourself.
People Matter
Wanting validations from others is a never ending and useless task. Revenge is just a sitcom, not meant for real life. You’ve accepted people for who they are, and they’ve done the same for you. Fights and squabbles repulse you, and you’ve learned to choose your battles.
Life Isn't Over at 30
Hopefully, by now you’ve understood that not everything changes at 30. Things you’ve learned are a way of life, like waking up in the morning, going to work, etc. And every now and then you get a strange lingering feeling that you might be an ADULT.
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