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Self-confidence Exercises You Can Surely Swear By

Self-Confidence Exercises
Self-confidence is a prerequisite to succeed in any sphere of life. Be it your relationships or the workplace, confidence is needed to run your life in a good way. However, what exactly is self-confidence? Well, it is the belief and trust that a person has in his or her abilities. A self-confident person is mentally very strong and exhibits assertiveness in his/her routine dealings with people. Contrary to popular perception, it is not something which is always innate. In fact, with practice, patience, and experience it can be built over time. Here are some exercises which will help you in your quest to boost it.
Think Positive
Do away with all negative thoughts and make positive thinking your forte. For developing positive thinking, maintain a personal diary containing all your achievements in life that make you proud of yourself. It could include any work-related success or a personal achievement. If somebody compliments you, make a note of it in your diary. This will be handy in times when you are going through your lows and help in self-motivation. Reading this diary especially during a depressive phase is one of the most effective exercises that will help you overcome all your self-doubt.
Take Risks
Undertake such works which can make you ‘look at danger in the eye’. In other words, endeavor into things you have been avoiding for long, out of your fear of defeat. It could be something as important as changing careers or something adventurous, like going for bungee jumping. It could be anything that tests the limits you have created for yourself.
Increase Knowledge and Experience
If you are well aware of your strengths and capabilities, confidence will come automatically. Be thorough with your work and develop new skills to do your work efficiently. Gain as much experience as you can by diversifying your interests. This will increase your knowledge base and act as a confidence booster. Update yourself on the current happenings around you by reading lots of books and magazines. If possible, travel to new places and gain new experiences. There is no replacement for knowledge and experience in building the self-confidence of a person.
Meditation is known to build mental strength. Spend at least ten minutes a day in meditation. Practice the technique of ‘visualization’. Imagine yourself in situations, which make you uncomfortable, such as talking to your boss. Imagine yourself confidently facing the situation. This will certainly help in building your confidence.
Bring Changes in Physical Space
Make some changes in your physical surroundings. Redecorate your room in such a way that it brings out your personality. Paste quotes pertaining to confidence and success on the walls of your room and read them again and again. Keep or paste the pictures of people you consider are successful and who inspire you. Taking inspiration from successful people is one of the most effective self-confidence exercises.
Adopt Assertive Body Language
If you look confident, you will feel confident. Always walk with your stomach in, chest out and shoulders straight. Keep your chin up and always have a real, warm, friendly smile on your face. Having a positive body language indicates that you are ready to take on the world.
Design Your Path to Success
Success helps in building the self-confidence of a person. Success is impossible without goal setting, so list all the goals that you want to achieve. Then, break these goals into smaller achievable goals, and allot a time frame within which you plan to achieve them. List the steps that you need to undertake in order to achieve these goals. Take one step at a time, be consistent, focus on self-improvement, and you will surely achieve success, which in turn will build your confidence.
A self-confident person is usually successful in his/her personal and professional life. Thus, brimming with positivity, there is a general good aura around him/her which attracts everybody. Following the above mentioned exercises will surely help you to translate your life into a success story. These are indeed indisputable ways to increase your friends and fan following. Good luck!

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