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Self Improvement

Life Lessons Taught By a Teacher You Should Be Grateful For

Life Lessons Taught by a Teacher

Teacher inspiring students
A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning. – Brad Henry
Teacher disciplining student
Discipline enforced by teachers teaches us that there are some ground rules that are required to be followed, based on which society is formed. When warned of serious consequences on crossing the line, most students who tend to be miscreants, become well-behaved. Discipline not only helps us become more responsible individuals, but also encourages us in building character.
There is no Substitute to Hard Work
Students studying under supervision
In school and even college life, we are made to study by keeping our noses to the grindstone. Developing a single-minded devotion to our task is the lesson that is taught by making us work hard from an early age.
Adding the Fun Factor in Our Daily Tasks
Teacher laughing along with students
Remember the jokes your teacher used to come up with while teaching, especially dealing with math terms like sine(sin) or tangent(tan)? Teachers who make learning an interesting and enjoyable experience, make us realize that, whenever we are faced with a seemingly difficult task, it can be completed and enjoyed by adding the ‘fun’ element to it.
Commending Yourself When You Perform Well
Teacher commending student
Our teachers used to praise us when we did well in a test or an assignment. These small gestures of appreciation remind us to be grateful toward ourselves whenever we finish projects or tasks, even after school or college life.
You are the Master of Your Fate
Teacher rejoicing with students
You tend to have a general idea on how your grades will be, depending on how you perform in exams. When we get the results as per our expectations, no matter whether good or bad, it instills the belief that we are the ones who are responsible for our own fate. Teachers act as mediators in nurturing this belief, by rating our scores as suitably as possible. It is this belief that drives us to do our best in whatever challenge we are faced within the future.
Never Hesitate to Ask a Question
Student asking a question
He who asks a question remains a fool for a second, but he who doesn’t asks remains a fool for a lifetime. Teachers are always ready to answer any question you may have whether it’s about your studies or about life. By showing their eagerness to answer a question, a teacher reduces or nullifies the anxiety a student may have about whether to ask the question or not and encourages the student to get their doubts cleared.
Pursue Your Career in the Field of Your Interest
Student painting
Teachers conduct exams and grade you on the subjects they specialize in, however they also motivate you to aim for a career in the field that you are interested in and not to look for a career for only monetary gains. You will spend a lot of time on your job so its imperative that you are happy with the work you do. As long as you are confident about your ambition, teachers act as the guiding lamp on the path of your career from a tender age.
Never Stop Learning
Student Learning
There are always one or the other activities in school that keeps you busy even after studies. Teachers plan it likewise so that we don’t have idle time once we finish our studies. When we get involved in a rut, we tend to stagnate and that hampers our learning curve. We learn more when we are not in our comfort zones and that helps us better ourselves as individuals.
Always be Punctual
Teachers may punish you if you are coming late to class even if it’s once in a while. That is to remind you that people respect time and you should be concerned to acknowledge that respect which you can do by not being tardy in the first place.
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