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Learn How to Become a Self-starter to Make Your Dreams Come True

How to Become a Self-starter

“Welcome evermore to gods and men is the self-helping man. For him all doors are flung wide: him all tongues greet, all honors crown, all eyes follow with desire. Our love goes out to him and embraces him, because he did not need it. We solicitously and apologetically caress and celebrate him, because he held on his way and scorned our disapprobation. The gods loved him because men hated him.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
You heard it right, they are a class apart. They aren’t afraid of falling, nor of walking against the tide. They are the ones who make the most of the opportunities that come their way. And it is often noticed that they are the ones subjected to envious stares and tirades. These are the people driven by an insatiable hunger to be on the top rung of the ladder, and most often you will find them there, smiling away to glory. No one said success comes easy, and for these people, it definitely isn’t a bed of roses. Look at it from their point of view, it is relatively easier to practice than to preach.

It is human tendency to hate being a mere puppet and if you are among those who like to have your way, then it’s time you took charge of your life. You and I can be a part of this mini-universe, all we got to do is to give it our all in all. Enough said about the enterprisers, let’s just get down to the details that keeps them above the rest.

Take One Small Step at a Time…
• B +
• Persevere
• Brave the Storm
• Seize the Opportunity
• Channelize Your Energies
• Create Your Own Opportunities
• Change Your Attitude Towards Life
• Remember, Procrastination is Your Foe
• Set Realistic Goals and Strive to Achieve It
• Take Responsibility to Make it Big in Your Life
• Success Comes From Taking Small Steps at a Time
“Life opens up opportunities to you, and you either take them or you stay afraid of taking them.” – Jim Carrey
Taking the First Step
Fisrt step to achieve success
Are you still waiting for things to happen? For opportunities to come your way, for your life to change?
The truth is that change will take place, the very moment you decide to actually take the reins of your life into your own hands. As I said small steps matter, your first step to success has got to be baby steps, nothing huge and nothing drastic. Treat the assignment laid out before you as a puzzle, where you try to solve it one piece at a time.
Take Responsibility of Your Actions
It is high time you started taking responsibility seriously. By responsibility, I imply, you should be aware of what your actions and their consequent reactions will be. Being responsible also means you stop blaming others for the situation you land yourself in. When you are in charge of the things that affect you, at some point of time those little things stop affecting you.
“With independence comes great responsibility.”
Monitor Your Goals
Monitoring goals
Now that you have decided to give the hands-on approach to life a go, be sure to surge ahead with full confidence. Set realistic goals, ones you know you will be able to achieve. Follow your heart, that’s one way you know you will never be wrong. Once you set your goal right, get to achieving it and monitor your progress. Once you hone this skill, there won’t be anything that will stop you from being in the top rung of life.
Time is Money
Best time is now
Do not leave anything unto tomorrow that can be done today. There is no point wasting time waiting for the right moment to come, if you want to be successful you have to make do with living entirely in the present. Go-getters seize the task on hand and strive to complete it the very same day rather than keeping it for later. Ain’t it good to be done with something than have it eating into your time and energy and consequently your peace of mind for a long period of time?
Change is Good
Believe me, a lot depends on your attitude towards life. Imagine, if first impressions can make or mar you, what can your own attitude towards life do? A laid-back approach towards life is a big no-no, and on the contrary you got to have a go-get it attitude. Try to be always on the move, always on the prowl for new opportunities to shine. And shine is what you will do if you make the most of the opportunities coming your way.
“A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities and an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties.” – Harry S. Truman
Create Opportunities
The plus point of taking control of your life is you can create pathways where earlier there was no road. Be your own boss, make it possible to do the impossible. According to me, I guess their driving quote must be resounding Muhammad Ali’s quip, “Impossible is Nothing”.
Giving it Your All in All
People gesturing thumbs up
It is important that you channelize your energy in the right direction. It takes passion to do something right and that’s what you need to do. Have a child-like enthusiasm when you get down to actually execute your tasks. Don’t let that enthusiasm die till the task at hand is all but completed.
Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back
Fear of failing should not be in your dictionary. It can be simply ‘alt+ctrl+ deleted’ from your life. You need to live a life sans regret, for every opportunity will bring with it a learning experience. Make the most of everything that comes your way.
“To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.” – Bruce Lee
The Show Must Go On
That says it, you got to work and work till you succeed. Nothing comes easy, not even for the enterprising lot. You got to make it through with your own hard work and perseverance. Strive to be the best and remember to never ever give up. Keep your faith soaring on gas balloons at all times, that will keep you high above if nothing else.
Finally, Be POSITIVE
Think positive
There is nothing like making a note of the good things in life. There is always a silver lining behind a dark cloud, all you got to do is to train your eyes to see the good that lies ahead.
To end, I’d like to agree with Michael Jackson who croons, “I’m gonna make a change, for once in my life. It’s gonna feel real good, gonna make a difference gonna make it right . . I’m starting with the man in the mirror. I’m asking him to change his ways and no message could have been any clearer if you wanna make the world a better place”.

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