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Know the Symptoms of Low Self-esteem Before You Face It

Low Self-esteem Symptoms

Due to some or the other incidents occurring in our life, we tend to lose our self-esteem. At times, the way children are raised, can be a cause of low self-esteem. There are no short cuts to find and overcome low self-esteem but, I am sure the tips given below will help recognize and deal with them well.
Symptoms of Low Self-esteem
  • One of the most commonly observed symptom among people lacking self-esteem is that, they always blame others and keep complaining. According to them, their misfortune is other people’s fault. People with low self-esteem deny to accept or assume any kind of responsibility.
  • The second symptom observed is unable to express their feelings. At times, people just suppress their feelings and become numb. Sometimes, it also becomes difficult to understand what they are actually feeling.
  • Another symptom of low self-esteem is these people depend on others for self acceptance. If someone states that they possess a good attitude, they think they have it and also accept it. In a similar way, if someone comments negatively about their attitude, they accept it without a doubt, instead of keeping a level head on their shoulders and understanding their true potential. It also includes lack of motivation to pursue anything, as such people depend on others and their opinions, to propel them to undertake a task
  • The next symptom is lack of personal boundaries. These people allow others to be invasive. They tend to interfere a lot in other people’s lives similarly let other people interfere with theirs even if they are uncomfortable.
  • At times, people with low self-esteem, tend to forget things very often. any persistent problem in their life is cast aside instead of being dealt with, resulting in them assuming that nothing is wrong, thus, neglecting the problem. These people even talk negatively about themselves.
  • People with a low self-esteem are constantly involved in self analysis. They are afraid of the adverse effects, and feel that their parents or any authoritative figures, dislike them. These people find it difficult to forgive others and also lack compassion, remorse and empathy.
  • Laughter does not come easily to people with low self-esteem. Their views are, most of the time, negative, as they lack positive thinking. It becomes difficult for them to set personal views and goals. Nor are these people able achieve the goals set by others for them. One big determining factor is that the person due to the lack of confidence, declines to take any risk in any manner of situation.
  • These people do not like socializing and prefer to isolate themselves from the crowd. They also find it difficult to establish eye contact and trust other people. They are also anti social and people find it difficult to be around them.
Symptoms of low self-esteem in children similar to that mentioned above must be attended to immediately for proper child development, mentally and physically. A child is very receptive to feelings and emotions, and is affected by any event or happening much more than an adult, the after effects of such occurring and events, are what shape and mold a child into an adult, hence, it is strongly suggested to make sure that the self-esteem in children is not affected in any way whatsoever. This can only happen with the help of parent’s constant love and support for everything that a child succeeds or fails in.
Ways to Overcome Low Self-esteem
  • One of the most important things that should be considered for overcoming low self-esteem is self analysis. Formulate the opinions about yourself depending on life you are living at the moment.
  • Look at yourself in the mirror and think that you are responsible for your actions or anything that has happened in your life till date, and you and only you, can change your life. This will be a reality check. Initially, these words will prove to be self defeating, but in the long run these will be the most liberating words.
  • One more tip through which you can overcome low self-esteem is through self improvement i.e identifying your troubled areas and improving on them. If you have any areas which tend to send you in spirals of despair, then it is better to fix them.
  • The symptoms described above may vary from person to person. In order to avoid the problem of low self-esteem it is a must, to be strong and firm.
With today’s world advancing the way it is, and science and technology making leaps and bounds in the world of medicine and invention, we still haven’t found a way to cure a condition as simple as low self-esteem. People have stopped socializing, which is primary to getting your wounded confidence back, instead we prefer to sit in the comfort of our homes and shield ourselves from the outside world, all thanks to the new and amazing ways that technology has introduced in the means of communication.

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