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Games that Improve Self-esteem and Make You a Champion

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When you hear the term self-esteem, what do you understand by it? Psychologists define it as term used to convey how a person appraises himself and what his self-evaluation results in. Low self-esteem is a state of mind that is observed in both adults and kids. People tend to have a lot of insecurities that affects their confidence and the way they are perceived by other people. It is important that in such situations we use different activities and games to help make us feel better about ourselves.
Games for Kids
While it is difficult to imagine a kid with a low self-esteem, it is an increasing problem in children, thanks to the pressure on them to not only do well but succeed with flying colors. Constant comparison and tough competition can lead to esteem issues in children. It is important that a kid knows how important his or her self-worth is. This is essential for not only his emotional development but also his intellectual and social development. Self-esteem activities are great ways of encouraging kids to see the positives in themselves. While kids below the age of five have no problem listing out everything that they are good at, older children are often conscious of their abilities and constantly doubt their abilities. This is the reason that it is important to indulge in different activities for building self-esteem for kids. These games help by focusing on those qualities in kids which are positive and by increasing their awareness about their abilities.
Pick Positives

Make index cards with each card having the name of one kid. Now place all the index cards in a container of sort. Pass the container around the room. Each kid picks out one card and then makes a list of all those qualities that they like in the kid whose name they have picked out. Make it clear that there has to be no negativity of any sort. Once all the kids have made a list, let them hand it over to you. You can read out the qualities that have been mentioned by the peers of the kid. This can have quite an uplifting effect on the child.

Daily Diary

Another game that can be used to improve a child’s image of oneself is to get them to maintain a daily diary. At each day’s end, ask the child to list out one quality about themselves that they love. They can do this by creating a story or making a drawing; just ensure that the process is creative in nature. Continue this practice for at least thirty days. At the end of the month ask the child to go through the diary to bring their attention to all those qualities in them that they were unaware of. Help them realize their different good points.

Right Recipe

In order to raise their own self-esteem, it is important that the kids are aware of what self-esteem is. Have a discussion on self-esteem and confidence in class. Also talk about different self-esteem building activities. Ask each child to write down what is the best recipe, according to them, for good self-esteem. Ask them to write this like they would write a recipe for a food item. List out the ingredients and provide the directions. This will engage their mind and force them to think about how they can better their own self-esteem.

Games for Adults
Working with kids to improve their self-esteem can be much easier than working with adults. Most adults are more set in the ways that they work and how they perceive themselves. But low self-esteem can be frightening and it showcases in the form of nervousness, underdeveloped social skills, anxiety etc. For many people it is not enough to be aware of what their self-esteem issues are. It is important for them to use different activities for self-esteem to overcome their problems. Given below are some different games that can work wonders for adults.
Role Reversal

One of the best group activities to build self-esteem is a game where you take up roles in the society that are very different from who you are in your everyday life. Each person in the group takes up a role that they have always wanted to, like that of a movie star, or a political leader, or even a teacher. The difference lies in the fact that the rest of the group, decides by anonymous voting, which role you should be assigned. Your job would be to convince the group why you are the best person for the job. Focus on all those qualities that make you the best person for the job by focusing on your best skills.

Dream Catcher

As a kid you have a lot of dreams and ambitions. As we grow older, we tend to believe ourselves to be incapable of achieving these goals. This is one of those games that will help you believe otherwise. Create a dream diary that is representative of all those things that you have wanted in your life. Your goals, your dream car, your dream mansion. Let everything be a part of the dream book and then work towards converting this into reality. Look at them practically and list down the steps that will help you achieve these goals.

These are just some of the games that you can use if you have been on the lookout for activities that can help you learn how to improve self-esteem. These games can go a long way in improving your view of yourself and can help you become a more confident person.
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