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Do You Know the Things Successful People Do Before Going to Bed?

Things Successful People Do Before Going To Bed

Polyphasic Sleep
It refers to sleeping multiple times (more than once or twice) in the period of 24 hours. It is said that Leonardo da Vinci, Napoleon, and Nikola Tesla practiced this.
What are some of the best things to do before going to sleep? Some good habits… that you have learned on your own, and were not taught to you as a kid, or if they were, you have grown up to understand them and follow them with your heart.

All of us have some peculiar¬†‘I-do-that-everyday’¬†kind of thing. A look back upon the entire day, checking on the ‘To-do’ list, or just getting yourself cozy in the bed with your favorite book that you always wanted to continue reading since the last night, or something that makes you feel at home. It is like you cannot answer why you need ‘that one pillow’ to rest your head on before you can even think of sleep. Let us take a look at what else can be added to that goody basket of ours, as seen from the practices adopted by many.

What Successful People Do Before Going to Bed
Man Reading Book
You shouldn’t wonder anymore where all the intelligence and brilliance comes from. With a few exceptions, reading is the favorite activity of almost every single successful man or woman. Be it for half an hour or an hour, these avid readers see it as a stress-buster and carve out a separate slot from their daily schedule for reading. They also come up with some innovative ideas as they get good insights from the daily chunk of reads.
A read before sleep time may be a novel, an autobiography, a magazine, or even a comic, anything that keeps them in a good mood, or opens a new window to what others are thinking, doing, and creating.
Reflect on the Day
Taking a concluding call on how things went for the day, reflecting on one’s areas of strengths and weaknesses, expressing gratitude towards the good things happening that day, is a very common and powerful routine observed by many. It lets you sum up the past few hours in a retrospective mode, giving a sense of fulfillment about the tasks you completed. You also get a chance to talk to yourself, and introspect a little.
Spend Time with Family
Pillow Fight Between Kids and Parents
Sharing with your partner what you did the whole day, how you felt, asking them about how their day was, discussing a small but important decision related to your house, playing with kids, putting them to bed, cuddling your pets, are all little acts of love that add to your emotional security. Going to bed together helps in assuring the family of the emotions of peace, warmth, and the bonding you share as one unit.
Do you even need to be reminded of that? Isn’t this what you strive for the entire day? The successful men and women know that, and they make the most of it.
Switch Off the Phone
As simple as it may sound, this tiny action ensures a great deal of peace and tranquility to our minds. Perhaps because, switching off the cell phone requires one to deal with several work-related tasks and any urgent communication to be wrapped up well in advance. No wonder, this is a deed of topmost priority with all famous people, including especially the executives of social networking sites!
Plan for the Next Day
Man Writing in His Diary
A ‘To-do’ list for tomorrow is how some successful minds like to start their way to a good-night sleep. This helps them clear their mind off the worries they might have accumulated throughout the day. It is a great tool to effectively manage your time, especially when you have multiple chores (work related and personal) to attend do. Proper planning for the next day guarantees a stress-free mind, and saves you some dreadful nightmares too.
Maintaining a journal or a diary for themselves is what many successful people enjoy doing. How very creative, to let the mind out on paper, and feel relaxed! May not necessarily be a habit that led to their success, but definitely one for a healthy mind. Besides, noting down your thoughts about the day, even in the quickest possible way, adds up to the framework to your gradually-building autobiography.
Plan out Sleep Time
Feet Popping Out of Bed
Another very important thing successful people do before going to bed is plan out their sleep. People who love to sleep wouldn’t be surprised, as they know how to perfectly count the exact hours of sleep one is to get. Those who rejoice their success know it for a fact that their mental and physical health is the key to their success. Keeping aside a generous six or seven hours for this peace of mind pays off extremely well.
Think Positive Thoughts
‘All’s Well That Ends Well’. Successful people end their day on a positive note. So, a person going to bed with a smiling face, with a contented and cheerful heart, is sure to wake up refreshed and charged. Letting any negative thoughts linger in your mind while going to sleep, stores those negative emotions in the subconscious mind, and you never feel happy. Keeping yourself positive while sleeping, irrespective of however bad your day was, helps you heal yourself.
Walk or Meditate
Man Meditating
To take their mind off work and/or other worldly matters, successful people often go for a walk before they sleep. Some prefer to meditate, either by focusing on their breathing, or through a guided musical track. Also, a religious prayer is a great way to pull oneself together. These actions assist us in connecting back to our own self, to our purpose in life, or simply to what we are. May be, that is why the winning minds never have to borrow any confidence.
This list can be unending, as all of us have mastered our own magical tricks to put ourselves to sleep, even in the worst-case scenarios. We would love to hear from you as well on what are the secrets you follow before going to sleep.

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