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A Self Motivation Test Will Help You Assess Yourself

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Motivation is essential for all of us to succeed in achieving our goals. The aim of a self motivation test is to point out your area of interest, and where your personal liking and inclination is. By knowing what we actually like, we can enter that field and perform well. On the contrary, if we enter a field about which we are not motivated or excited, we will always be under-performers. Given below are some tests of self motivation for different vocations. In these tests, questions would be asked, to which, answers are to be given in the YES or NO form. The more the number of YES, more will be your motivation for that field.
For College Students
  • Do I like to go to college everyday?
  • Am I attentive in class?
  • Do I complete all my assignments on time?
  • Do I get all my doubts cleared from teachers?
  • Am I interested in knowing more on the subject being taught apart from the fixed syllabus?
  • Do I conduct an intensive research on the things taught, by using the Internet, to enhance my knowledge?
  • Do I feel satisfied and pleased after getting good marks in exams or praise from teachers for good performance?
For Teachers
  • Do I like helping my students understand new concepts?
  • Do I try my best to make classroom sessions more interactive and interesting for fast and effective learning?
  • Do I give personal attention to my students?
  • Do I refresh and increase my knowledge on the subject constantly to teach my students in a better way?
  • Do I really feel that students should grasp subjects well, and do good in exams?
  • Am I concerned about the future of my students?
For Employees
  • Do I like my job profile ?
  • Do I take interest in knowing new things related to my job?
  • Am I giving my hundred percent at work every day?
  • Do I achieve my set goals and targets at my workplace?
  • Am I concerned about the reputation of my employer and do I try by best to protect it?
  • Am I loyal to my organization?
  • Do I compromise on my personal interests, at times, to deliver my work on time and in a good way?
In order to stay motivated, having a dream or a fixed aim is very essential. At times, when things do not happen as per our wish, this aim keep us motivated. People having a vision do not get depressed, or disheartened. They keep trying again and again, till they achieve their goal. A positive attitude towards life in general and optimism are imperative, to stay motivated throughout your life.

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