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7 Good Things You Should Definitely Learn From Selfish People

7 Good Things You Should Learn From Selfish People

Selfish people are extremely independent. They don’t depend on anyone, and expect others to do the same. They work extra hard to ensure that they don’t be at someone’s mercy for their needs. They are action-oriented individuals, who don’t wait for things to happen. On the contrary, they take charge and make things happen.
Saying No
Saying ‘no’ to people you care about is hard, but selfish people know when to clearly state that they cannot do something. This helps them focus their energy on tasks that they actually want to do, thus increasing their productivity. So, in a way selfishness is good for the world. It also means that, if they are helping you, they’re doing it wholeheartedly, not just for the sake of doing it.
Me Time
Being too ‘selfless’ can lead to people taking you for granted. This makes it difficult to give yourself and your needs priority. Every individual needs some time to relax, reflect, and recharge. This is one of the main reasons why selfishness is good for you. Selfish people ensure that no external factor interrupts their ‘me time’. They’ll go on holidays, pursue their hobbies, make time for socializing, or whatever they want, whenever they want.
Care Less
Most of us think too much about other people and their inconsequential opinions. Selfish people do things they believe in without bothering too much about being judged. Thus, they tend to be more successful in life, and also have better relationships. They don’t let expectations of other people weigh them down.
Being Gray
No human is completely good or bad. Selfish people teach us an important quality of being comfortable in our skins and accepting our faults. It is okay to come across as the bad guy in a situation sometimes. You don’t need to sacrifice your dreams or aspirations for others. It doesn’t make you an outright selfish person, as long as you don’t overdo it. You need to be considerate about your loved ones, without letting them walk all over you.
Not Be Too Sensitive
Being emphatic and sensitive is important, but being too sensitive will do more harm than good. Selfish people don’t let every little thing affect them or their decisions. They will support their partner, friends, or family members, but won’t sacrifice their happiness in the process. Finding that perfect balance of sensitivity and practicality is not easy though.
Rational Approach
Selfish people don’t get manipulated emotionally and have a practical approach towards life. They won’t fall prey to sentiments or emotional blackmail. They’ll think it through from all angles before taking any decision. This may make them come across as blunt, but a certain amount of rationality is a must to be happy and successful in life.
We don’t want to encourage selfishness, but there are things we definitely can learn from selfish people. We try to please people and show how perfect our lives are, and tend to ignore our own happiness in this process. Embracing qualities like ‘prioritizing’, ‘saying no’, ‘bothering less’, etc., in a balanced way, will help us lead better and happier lives. Let’s include a little ‘healthy selfishness’ in our lives. Cheers to that!

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