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20 Absolutely Annoying Things 20-somethings Need to Stop Doing

20 Annoying Things 20-Somethings Need to Stop Doing

Grow Up Already
Time to get up and smell the coffee, you’re no longer a teenage brat who can blame mum and dad for ruining your life, neither can you rely on them to bail you out every time. Like it or not, you’re an adult now, your life is what you make it. The only favor you could do to yourself is quit complaining and put your head down and bum up. Stop answering things only using the word ‘ew’. We’re sure you’ve learned other words, how about giving them a try?
Chasing Dreams, Later May be
Everyone wants to be in their twenties, but it’s you who gets to be so. Life might be good now, but it’ll never be this kind again. If you have a dream, fight for it, and if you don’t, get it, fight for it some more. With all the freedom and no responsibilities, there’s no excuse for you to be complacent. Just remember, if you don’t do it now, you’ll never have the guts to do it later.
Annoying 20 Year Olds Selfie Sessions
#instaclick #instahate #instayou
What are you, a Kardashian??! A selfie session in the car and another session at work; it’s no wonder you don’t get things done before or even on time. You don’t need to click 56 selfies a day to capture your pretty moments. All you need to do is just be, and we promise you that not only your beautiful face but your beautiful mind and soul will definitely be noticed.
Wardrobe With No Function
You’re not in college anymore, so why do would you want to wear your college sweatshirt and go anywhere? Agreed, college days were the best, but they’re over! If it was football season and you’re going back to support your alma mater, we can understand. But would it hurt to dress like the grown-up you are the rest of the time?
Annoying 20 Year Olds Live on Social Media
Social Media, Your Personal Journal
Moment of truth: LIVING YOUR LIFE ON SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOT COOL!!! Posting pics every day and putting up statuses about everything that happens in your life needs to stop, because people who have a life really wonder how jobless you are! Picking up fights on social media and embellishing it with profanity is the ultimate face-palm moment for the millennials.
Night Owls = Day Sloths
Say what you will, but staying up late royally screws up your system. It puts you at a greater risk of developing heart disorders, cancer, and obesity. Staying up late means there’s no way that you’d get up in the morning to hit the gym or go for a run. In other words, your health has gone for a toss. Besides, aren’t you a pretty sight yawning like a lion and showing up late at work!
Annoying 20 Year Olds True Love Heals Not Hurts
The Love-Hate-Love Stuff
Loving someone who is bad for you is insanity, you know. Doing the same things over and over again, and expecting a different result type? We agree that they teach you a lot about yourself, but seriously, watching you go through the agony of getting over them and then falling into the same pitfall again is just frustrating. As addictive as it may be, the love that makes you think that being in love is difficult, is never worth having.
Quarter-life Crisis
Ever wondered why grown and groan sound similar? That’s because anxiety and uncertainty is a part of being a grown-up. You make decisions based on what little you know, and hope that it works out well – that’s life. Twenties is the time where you’re lost, confused, and free the best way; so have a little faith. Stop worrying about not being where you thought you’d be by now, because nobody else is either.
Annoying 20 Year Olds Too Much Alcohol=Drexting
Blame it On the Booze
Getting over things that are bad is difficult. Take cigarettes or trans-fats for example. Similarly, toxic, passionate love is addictive. It’s got a hold on you that you just can’t seem to get rid of. Being ‘drunk’ seems like the perfect excuse to send them a text to let them know that you still love them, and sure it might seem a bit romantic then. But dearies, a long message in which nothing can be understood will just be received as a pathetic cry to get them back.
The Nudies
We’re not saying everyone does that, but there’s a reason why messaging apps that self-destruct pictures are so popular. Now that you’ve aged a little beyond the teenage years, we pray that you’re sensible enough to understand that sending such photos are risky, because once it’s out there, you can’t do anything about it. Besides, if you give them what they want online, there’s no good reason for them to want it in person.
Annoying 20 Year Olds Fake Friends and Fake Smiles Never Last
I < 3 Frenemies
May be when you were very good friends in high school, you told them to never change. Unfortunately, these friends of yours took your request to heart, and never changed, but you did. If you’re tired of their constant complaining and whining, or just evolved to be a different person, you need to let go of people who hold you back.
It’s Your Ex, B****
Washing your dirty linen in public is not classy. Don’t know about your ex, but it definitely speaks volumes of you. Seriously, were you blind, deaf, and stupid to date someone like that, or are you downright shallow?! Bickering exes are at first interesting to watch (with a tub of popcorn), but become a drag later. Spare yourself, and us, the drama.
Annoying 20 Year Olds Where There is Beauty, There is Pain Loads of It
Beauty is Everything
Everyone today seems fixated on looking a certain way and wearing certain clothes. Skinny ad duck-faced, everyone looks like the other’s clone. Now there’s nothing wrong in looking good, but don’t let beauty be the only thing that makes you happy. Love yourself the way you are, don’t change yourself to fit in; you were made this way for a reason, embrace it!
Drinking and Driving
No matter what age you are, this needs to stop. Despite all the hype about celebrities and their DUIs, there’s nothing sexy or even remotely cool about driving under the influence! It’s dangerous! You not only put yourself, but innocent bystanders at risk. You’re an adult, drink responsibly.
Annoying 20 Year Olds Puppets Have Masters Humans Don't
But What Would They Say
If you’re making everyone around you happy, chances are that you aren’t happy. Going out on a limb and doing things that you want can be scary, and yes, there will be consequences, some good and some bad. But it’ll be a life you chose for yourself, all your successes and failures will be yours and only yours; it will definitely be a life lived.
Love is Life
Now that you’re old enough to look for something substantial, but not experienced enough to know what that is, the moment you find something close to the real deal, you think this is ‘the one’. Sometimes, work and everything else in life takes a backseat, your world literally starts revolving around your love life. You invest too much in too little time, and you can’t let go easily when things go awry; the result – we have to endure the depressing posts that follow.
Annoying 20 Year Olds It's Raining Money
Rolling Out the Dough
Sure, you can afford to party with your buddies or get that gorgeous dress, but when it comes to buying fresh vegetables and cooking your own meals, you cheap out and get a pizza. Don’t you think it’d be a great idea to quit spending your paycheck by the end of the second week, and then turning to mum and dad for help, because mum and dad are sure as hell sick of it!
Wannabe Grandma
No one likes a know-it-all. When there’s someone going through something and venting about it, just let them be. They need an outlet, not your motherly advice! If there’s someone undergoing something beyond your dim comprehension – like problems in their marriage or with their kids, don’t you dare tell them that ‘you understand’, and if you have the cheek to give them a few useless words of wisdom, may your soul rest in peace.
Annoying 20 Year Olds Procrastination
Screwed-up Priorities
Once, or twice, or even thrice, is never enough to remind them of what you need to be doing, doesn’t matter even if it is good for you. Procrastination isn’t a choice, it’s a way of life. Everything else is pushed for later, which never comes, and you wonder why your boss doesn’t like you?!
Annoying 20 Year Olds Text Abbreviations IDK BRB MYOB QT SLAP
Death of Language
NOT A TEENAGER ANYMORE. Which self-respecting adult uses alphabets for full words? If you answer this by ‘I do’, you should really reconsider calling yourself that. Abbreviations like ‘CYS’ and ‘IKR’ are good head-scratchers that take a few good minutes to decode. If you want the world to take you seriously, stop ASAP.
Agreed, the 20s are an age where you’re considered an adult, but not really grown-up. You have very little experience of what the real world is. But for your own good, we hope that you consider some of the things mentioned here, because the rest of the world is sick of this stuff, and it needs to stop, like, now!

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